Customisable Piggy Portrait Brooch

Customisable Piggy Portrait Brooch

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Want to wear a piggy portrait of yourself, or someone you love? Together we can create a whimsical brooch, whether your piggy portrait has big lashes or a beard, a nose ring or a headband…now you can have one made from Perspex acrylic! You’ll oink with delight as Little Pig design a character portrait based on the piggy faces within this collection and keep in touch with you during the design process! 

Please note that this image is just one example! The photograph here shows you a little collar and birthday balloon that was added to the tiara wearing birthday pig…your own take accessories can be added, glittery eye shadow perhaps…the possibilities are endless! Use the options box to describe and  customise your very own pig! I suggest using the Happy Pig earrings face as a starting point and building your piggy persona around that...have fun! 

If you have any very specific requirement or questions about what is possible you can email or fill in the contact form. 


Little Pig design and make your quirky jewellery using Perspex Acrylic. Each piece is lasercut and handmade with love.