During these wobbly weeks aka the global pandemic (doesn't sound as nice does it?) delays in orders may be experienced as the world's postal services are working their little trotters off - thanks for understanding Piglets - you rock!

Customisable Post It Note Acrylic Brooch

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Think of the double brooching opportunities, or the smiles you could bring whilst you wear this cute and quirky Perspex acrylic piece complete with an engraved and hand painted message. Each brooch is hand curled so will make for a unique and fun piece of wearable stationery with your own message on. Each brooch measures60x64mm. The picture shows a customer's idea - this made me smile!

To customise - please type into the box with what you would like your brooch to say - please note, Little Pig Jewellery Design will not be able to make requests that contain offensive or derogatory language (it's the teacher in me!)


Little Pig design and make your quirky jewellery using Perspex Acrylic. Each piece is laser cut and handmade with love.